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Concha is a Rhino3D plug-in for the numerical analysis of shell structures. Based on the Finite Element Method, Concha lets you analyse the mechanical behaviour of complex geometries subject to arbitrary loads without leaving the design environment of Rhino3D. A version with selected features can be downloaded free on food4Rhino.

Getting Started

To get started with Concha please download and read the how-to.


The key features of Concha are
  • Import of any surface-based geometry objects from within Rhino3D
  • Specification of supports at vertices, edges or surfaces
  • Connection of vertices or surfaces from different geometry parts
  • Different material models
  • Application of forces to vertices, edges and surfaces
  • Temperature and self-weight loading
  • Automatised meshing, surface-wise meshing with non-conforming interfaces
  • Visualisation of deformed shape, displacement components, reaction forces and equivalent stresses
  • No knowledge of Grasshopper or RhinoScript is required


Download the installer and open by double-clicking. A wizard will guide you through the installation.

System requirements

Concha is a plug-in for Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 for Windows (64-bit).

Free version

The free version of Concha has the following restrictions
  • Linear analysis only
  • Reduced number of material models
  • Constraints and connections are always rigid
  • Maximally allowed number of Finite Elements is 2000
For additional features, questions or comments, please contact


400 EUR

excl. VAT
single license
commercial use
valid for 1 year


student license
non-commercial use



commercial or academic
volume or classroom licenses